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A View of the City of Carlisle” from Tobias Smollett, The Present State of All Nations, Containing a Geographical, Natural, Commercial, and Political History of All the Countries in the Known World (London, 1768), opp. 282; and “A View of Glasgow”, opp. 103. [An ambitious tome!]

For more on Tobias Smollett and his literary efforts, read the following Eighteenth-Century Fiction articles [free to read on the journal’s archive at Digital Commons]:

"Fools of Prejudice": Sympathy and National Identity in the Scottish Enlightenment and Humphry Clinker
Author: Evan Gottlieb

Tobias Smollett, Anthony Walker, and the First Illustrated Serial Novel in English
Author: Robert Folkenflik

Fathoming Intelligence: The ‘Impartial’ Novelist and the Passion for News in Tobias Smollett’s Ferdinand Count Fathom
Author: Lee F. Kahan

"The Tinsel of the Times": Smollett’s Argument against Conspicuous Consumption in Humphry Clinker
Author: Susan L. Jacobsen

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